I'm Stacy. 24. Florida/St. Kitts, West Indies. Vet school student. This is a personal blog where I post whatever I'm obsessed with currently. I was raised on Star Trek and Mystery Science Theatre, which tends to explain a lot about my personality. You'll find random stuff here, but currently freaking out over Game of Thrones, Vikings, Shameless y, etc.
Also in love with pretty men such as Tom Hardy, Alexander Skarsgard, Ryan Gosling, Adrien Brody, Gerard Butler, etc.
Every facet of my personal life revolves around animals, so you'll see random animal postings as well.
House Clegane

"Fuck the king."

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Charlie Peters in 4.12 ‘Lazarus’ (Shameless)

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roman godfrey; walking god complex

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Frank Underwood breaking the Fourth Wall